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Why I don't offer any guarantees!

I wish I had a magic wand, I really do! The truth is no-one does. The truth is that dog training is a science and an art. It takes years of training to become adept at reading dog body language, working out the root of a problem and learning how to adapt methods to deal with each individual dog.

Dog training is never linear. There will be days where things don't go quite as well as the day before. That's because dogs aren't robots; they are affected by environmental changes, hormonal fluctuations and generally how they are feeling, just like we are!

Now the title of this post: Why I don't offer any guarantees! This is a little misleading as I can guarantee you will see results IF:

  • You are prepared to put the time and effort in to training

  • You are able to be as consistent as possible

  • You are motivated to help your dog

I can give you all the advice and help in the world but the fact of the matter is that if you don't stay on track with the training your dog will not improve. Let me use a human analogy:

You want to learn French so you hire a tutor for one hour who talks you through some of the basic grammar rules and you come away from the session feeling like you really learned something. You can then do one of two things:

  1. Go away and study, watch TV in French with the subtitles on, read French workbooks and listen to "how to speak French" audiobooks.

  2. Go away and do nothing.

Two weeks later you meet again with the tutor. If you chose option one your tutor will see you have made progress and you will keep progressing, learning more, improving, becoming more fluent. If you chose option two then it is likely you will have forgotten all or most of what you covered in the first class and the next session will mostly be going over the same things you covered before because you don't know it!

Dog trainers/behaviourists cannot "fix" your dog during a one hour session once a week or fortnight. My job is to give you the tools and techniques to help you and your dog on your path to success. I promise, that with consistent training at home with the guidance of a great trainer you WILL succeed. But just like the French tutor, I can only help so much; the rest is up to you!

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