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Grab your dog's attention and keep them coming back for more with this boredom-busting toy.

Promising hours of training potential, this tugger teams an enticing faux-fur bite area with a non-toxic rubber PowerBall that makes the toy easy to throw for a game of fetch. The ball features raised pimples to add comfort and textural interest in your dog's mouth, while the easy-grip handle is made from climbing-grade webbing with two strands of bungee cord inside to prevent jarring of the handler's shoulder or the dog's neck during play.

From top to bottom this toy measures approximately 63cm (25 inches). The bite area is approximately 18cm (7inches) long by 5cm (2 inches) wide. PowerBall is approximately 5cm (2 inches) in diameter.

Fauxtastic PowerBall Bungee Tug

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